In Greece you can live both rented and as a home, although it must be said: with a home ownership rate of 74%, one of the highest in Europe, finding a rental property is rather difficult, especially in provincial towns and rural areas time consuming.

Many Greeks also own a second home, which serves as holiday accommodation for family, relatives and friends on weekends, holidays and vacations - a welcome change from the stressful life in the big city.

The furnishings and the associated living comfort are largely not comparable to those in Western European countries. In many apartments, heating is only done with air conditioning, even if there is central heating, since the shared apartment does not collectively measure the oil or gas tank requirements in proportion and financially.

Due to the exponential increase in the price of fossil fuels, Greeks are currently switching to electric heating (not really cheaper either) or heating in the fireplace. You often don't find a fireplace in apartments, but you do in houses.

As in many other attractive tourist areas, the lucrative AirBnB rental has put the long-term rental market under great pressure in Greece. This particularly affects the islands that are very well known to tourists.

Additional costs such as electricity and water are usually calculated separately. For long-term rental agreements, it is advisable to register the electricity in your own name; a Greek tax number is required for this - we will be happy to support you in these matters.


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