Digital nomad

The so-called "remote working", working via cloud systems from the Internet, has received enormous growth in recent years.

Digital nomads typically work on the go and, thanks to the Internet, can carry out their work independently of a fixed place of work.

Some European countries have recognized this new development and sometimes offer very attractive bonuses if you move your place of residence.

Greece has two programs to attract digital nomads. The application form is only available in Greek - we would be happy to do this for you!

1. The income tax reduction of 50% has been active since the beginning of 2021 for a period of 7 years - but only for certain nationalities - and for at least 2 years if residence in Greece is mandatory.

  • No tax residency in Greece for the last five out of six years
  • Available for EU/EEA citizens, or from a state with which an administrative cooperation agreement in the tax area with Greece.
  • 50% reduction in income tax and social security contributions. The top tax rate will normally be 44% for earnings of EUR 40,000 or more and will therefore be reduced to 22%.
  • Tax exemption for residential property (real estate transfer tax 1st residential property), as well as private car use (motor vehicle tax).

2. The "Digital Nomads VISA" for digital nomads for non-EU/EEA citizens has been available since the beginning of October 2021 (Law 4825/2021). This makes it possible to work in Greece for a foreign employer or for your own company based abroad from Greece.

  • Duration of the visa: 1 year with the option of extending twice to a total of three years.
  • Cost of the visa: 75 EUR
  • Proof of income: EUR 3,500 per month plus 20% for spouse/life partner and 15% for each additional child
  • Another |advantage|: Once you have received the visa, you can also travel to all other EU countries.

The programs launched make moving to Greece economically attractive. But are there the infrastructure requirements to be able to work digitally?

The internet connection tends to be fast in larger cities as well as rural, tourist areas, but significantly slower on smaller islands and remote areas.

Greece has all the requirements that digital nomads love: space & freedom, reasonable cost of living, lots of sunshine, good food, decent internet speed, lots of history and culture.

With the Digital Nomads Visa, Greece would like to send you the message: "We are waiting for you warmly!"

CoWorking Spaces can be easily researched on the Internet.

We also offer this offer in Almyri (Corinthos in the Peloponnese) and we would be happy to welcome you.

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