Before buying a property in Greece, you should be clear about the reasons for the purchase. Holiday home, second home or retirement property? Buying property abroad can be an excellent investment. Real estate prices in Greece are currently still very low and have only recovered moderately after the catastrophic ten-year economic crisis.

After you have found a house, the property must be carefully questioned and examined.

A lawyer must check the land register entries to ensure that there are no rights of third parties on the property being purchased (debts, community of heirs, etc.) or that the property is generally available for purchase (no building permit available, etc.).

For example, trees on a property may belong to another owner, so you would have to grant them lifelong access rights.

It is also highly recommended to involve a civil engineer who will inspect the property and check for any construction defects.

EU citizens are not subject to any restrictions when buying a property in Greece, only in border areas a permit from the local authorities is required (this is usually issued automatically).

Non-EU citizens have various restrictions when buying real estate in certain regions for security reasons - the border regions on the mainland, as well as the islands of Lesbos, Chios and Samos. Special permits are possible, but very high bureaucratic effort, high costs and long waiting times make this practically impossible in practice.

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