Outside metropolises such as Athens and Thessaloniki, you can hardly find any tall residential buildings and mostly industrial buildings are located in the outskirts. Living in smaller cities and rural areas is certainly more attractive for many.

The housing market is sometimes difficult due to low availability . As in other European countries, rental prices depend on the popularity of the city districts.

There is no official rent index, such as in Germany, and the amount of rent for rentals is freely set. The rent level is still very low compared to other Western European countries. So you can live inexpensively in Greece.

The rental deposit is legally set at two months' rent; the landlord does not have to deposit this in a separate account (trust account). It is common practice not to pay rent to the landlord for the last two months before moving out, in order to ensure that the previously paid deposit is "repaid", as one cannot always be sure that the landlord will pay it out when moving out.

The basic rule is: when you move out, the rental property must be returned in the same condition in which it was taken over.

Like German tenancy law, Greek tenancy law is also subject to private autonomy. Landlords and tenants can generally formulate rental agreements freely in consultation. However, there are several special features in Greek law regarding rental agreements.

The rental or rental is valid for at least three years (Law 1703/1987), even if the agreement is for a shorter period or for an indefinite period. However, a contract term of less than three years can be agreed due to private autonomy. The background is to protect tenants.

In the case of shortened long-term tenancies, termination by the landlord can only be terminated by law in very limited cases (e.g. personal use).

Permissible rent increases are legally determined by the statistics office (Εθνική Στατιστική Υπηρεσία της Ελλάδος), which are based on the current cost of living. Of course, the same applies here: as part of the private autonomy of rental agreements, rent increases that deviate from this can also be agreed individually.

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